Clayton Creative Chocolates

About the Chocolatier, Janice Boychuk

From an early age Janice was captivated by cartoons, colouring and comic books, and smurfs; pretty much by anything cute! She spent hours immersed in her colouring books, water paints and spirograph. In school she naturally gravitated toward art and design studies, culminating in a degree in graphic design. She went on from there to enjoy a 35-year career in the corporate world, as a graphic artist and designer.

More recently, a long, snowed-in winter in rural Ottawa necessitated a quest to find a new hobby. That, in turn, resulted in the discovery of a new passion, and voila! Clayton Creative Chocolates Inc. was born of a new-found love of painting miniature chocolate edible art!

From Creative Director to Creative Chocolatier! It’s Janice’s great pleasure to blend her experience as a designer and artist with the craftsmanship of custom chocolate making.


The Art of Clayton Creative Chocolates

We treat the melted wafers and chocolate like paint, experimenting with different application techniques for blending, textures, and patterns, resulting in a collection of truly unique products. Matching and mixing custom colours allows us to add more realistic colours to our palette, for instance, for animals or food products like ice cream cones.