Introducing Beautiful and Fun Edible Art!

Each one-of-a-kind creation is hand-painted, made from delicious edible candy wafers and premium Swiss couverture chocolate. The colours are individually layered multiple times to ensure optimum brightness, colour saturation, quality and consistency. Along with the basic conventional colour selection, we have our own expanding Match+Mix custom palette! Clayton Creative Chocolates offers a wide variety of designs, regularly adding new items to our Permanent Collections. Exclusive and Seasonal treats are introduced for a limited time; be sure to check in often!

  • Resellers

    Offer premium brand Clayton Creative Chocolates for your chocolate-loving customers; they’ll thank you and be back for more!

  • Corporate Events

    A tasty way to stand out when you present your delegates and guests with a memorable, unique and edible gift.

  • Private Functions

    Give your guests a one-of-a kind treat to commemorate your special occasion or gathering with unique, hand-crafted mementos.